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Marble processing and producing Offer - Marble processing Promotion - Euromarmi SRL Italia

Euromarmi SrL specialized in producing and processing marble....

Euromarmi s.r.l. Area - San Gregorio Magno - Salerno - Italia
Our team for Marble, Stone and Granite finishing, is comprised of highly skilled craftsmen, who year after year, continue to build on their experience in the realization of perfection of their craft that has a profound effect on our market and the beautification of the world, one project at a time. The processing of Marble, Stone, and Granite requires a thorough professionalism that is achieved only through knowledge of the best techniques; and through this, Euromarmi will find no project to be too difficult, may it be simple finishes or big sculptures with every detail given it the necessary care while our team is responsible not only for the design, processing and finishes, but also for assembly of the most complex execution.

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Established in 1982, Euromarmi has soon become a successful company in the stone industry due to the company creators, Nicola Stiuso and his wife Angela. Although, they were not sure of the outcome of their newly formed company, they were motivated by their great willingness to endure and entrust their children with a new manufacturing reality. Due to the serious commitment of the two spouses, there was an increasing number of clients in a short amount of time with construction companies, public sector and private companies putting their different demands into their hands; and in spite of having only a flag saw machine and a polishing machine, they tried to meet any request that was made, even if they had to work all night to fulfil their goals. In time, this small company was able to realize their initial dream of continued growth and improvements so that they could place their company into the hands of their sons who were properly prepared for their responsibilities!

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