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FONDERIA MARINI can cover a range of grey and spheroidal cast iron castings with specific solutions on thousands of different castings, in both large series and small quantities!

At FONDERIA MARINI Ductile grey iron casting in Italy

For decades Fonderia Marini in Palazzolo Sull'Oglio (BS) has specialised in the casting of lamellar and spheroidal cast iron, from 20 kg to 12,000 kg on manual moulding systems (sand and resin) in moulds.

The large-scale production goes up to approximately 6,000 tons per year and is supported by the use of brand-new technologies and casting methods.

Fonderia Marini is all about continuously improving and regularly buys new machinery to increase its production, expanding its logistics warehouses and all its services, to guarantee quality, efficiency and flexibility for every market requirement.

Furthermore, Fonderia Marini works with international partners so that it can offer the end customer a truly complete service with small castings in medium and large series from 0.1 kg to 20 kg.

The foundry’s staff are widely trained and multilingual, an added value which allows the company to work with practicality and efficiency at an international level.
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